Goro Thollolo

                              Jackfruit trees used to be aplenty in those times . so during season ..the women of the house would collect the mature jackfruits , tender ones & the ripe ones & use them in so many different ways .Goro Thollolo or jackfruit frys was a major snack  prepared … They would be fried in huge amounts & stored in large tins to last the family’s needs for so many days . This is an all-time favourite of children & adults . Even though this is now available in stores , nothing beats the fresh home-made ones on the flavour & taste .
         Here I have given a step- by step method for you all to follow . hoping you will find this of help & inspire you to try out! Remember to grease your hands  & knife with oil to easily remove the latex which oozes out  while cutting a jack fruit, Do not waste the rest of the jack fruit parts . You can make Booth & Chari sukke & Mhav Edigai with that 
Ingredients ;
  • Mature raw jackfruit – choose a firm fresh & mature one whose bulbs are firm & still a pale yellow / off white.
  • Oil to fry – preferably coconut oil
  • salt to taste
Method :-       Choose your  piece like the one below
 Remove the jack fruit bulbs
   Remove the seeds from the bulbs. Don’t throw away the seeds , you can find many recipes here to make use of them .
  Make long thin slices of  the bulbs
 Heat oil in a deep frying pan, & in a small cup mix salt with a little water .keep it ready near your pan . When the oil has heated well add the sliced Jack fruit. Add 1 tsp of d salted water .
 A lot of bubbles will arise  like this  in the below picture.
When the bubbling (sursur) has subsided a little & the frys are just turning yellow  – remove them from the oil . The frys at this stage WILL not be crisp . We will fry them again the next day . If you want to  skip that –  you can straightaway keep frying them till they have turned crisp . But trust ME ..by my method you will get very crisp melt in the mouth frys which even  elders can relish with ease.
 The frys will look like this ..when cool store in an container
  The next day take out the frys . Heat oil  & add the frys in batches . Now you need to fry only JUST like you fry papads .
 Deep fry all & store when cooled in an air tight container .
                              Enjoy whenever you want them with a hot cup of coffee or tea!

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