Mhav Edigai

                                             GSB ladies are very adept at making use of all vegetables & making use of all parts of it – be it the skin , seeds . Same is the case of Jackfruit . Each & every part of it is used ..Only the thorns are thrown away ..Each part is cleverly used to make delicious food items .

            Mhav edigai is one such item . Mhav is the white core of the jackfruit to which all the bulbs (goro ) are attached like in the picture below .Remember to grease your hands & knife with oil to easily remove the latex which oozes out while cutting a jack fruit. You can make use of the other parts too to make Booth & Chari sukke too .

Mhav Edigai
Method :-
  1. So lets proceed with the recipe – This is the mhav .
  2. Cut out the mhav .                  
  3. Cut into long slices or squares as per your wish .
  4. Add salt & keep for a while . Then squeeze out the water & deep fry them till crisp.  My son likes to eat them as such as a snack …hahahha so have to save some for the edigai !!
  5. For about half a cup of frys ,  heat a little oil .& roast  about 12 red chilies (more or less as per taste) for about a minute . Add 1 tsp hing .
  6. Add a small piece of tamarind  & grind it to a smooth paste  with a little water.                  
  7. In a kadai ., heat oil & splutter mustard seeds  & curry leaves. then pour this paste into it adding a little more  water to your desired consistency  & salt to taste.  Remember that this will thicken when you add the fried mhav
  8. Bring this to a boil & simmer for about a minute . switch off flame .Then add  the fries .
  9. Your Edigai is ready to be relished . This will keep for a week when refrigerated . this is especially good with idlis , dosas & rice too .
Here I have added it with fried Sandan  pieces ! Really mouth watering …just try it out !

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