Karathe ambya ghassi

           Karathe ambya ghashi ( bitter gourd and ripe mango curry )
 Bitter gourd and ripe mango !!!! Feeling odd right ?? But trust me ,its a traditional GSB recipe ,making them  a superb heavenly pair.  The two totally contradictory taste blend with the coconut gravy  so nicely which in turn make a wonderful side dish for rice.

  • Bitter gourd  – 1/4 cup cut finely
  • Ripe mangoes  – 2
  • Coconut grated  – 3/4 cup
  • Fried dried red chillies  – 4
  • Urad dal  – 2 tsp
  • Jaggery  – 1/4 cups

Method; –   

  1. Cook the bitter gourd pieces in some water .When it is almost cooked ,remove it from  gas stove  and discard the water .
  2. Now cook the bitter gourd and the ripe mango pieces together adding sufficient salt and the grated jaggery.
  3. Fry urad dal in a little oil till they turn reddish.
  4. Grind them along with the coconut and fried red chillies to a smooth paste.
  5. Add this to the cooked mango and bitter gourd mix and let it boil.
  6. Turn off.
  7. Season with mustard and curry leaves.
Enjoy with rice….


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