Teek happala kismuri

                                  Kismuri is like a salad which can be made in a jiffy.It is helpful when you dont have too much stock of vegetables or when there are guests who arrive unexpected .Kismuri can be made with many vegetables the most common being the one with Bitter Gourd/Karathe .This recipe is using spicy papads.. yess! you read it right .The papads are crushed and mixed with coconut and served as a side dish .

  1. 3-4 red chili papads
  2. 1/2 cup coconut
  3. 2-3 red chilies roasted
  4. small piece of tamarind
  5. 2 onions chopped 
  6. Salt to taste


    • Roast the papads on open gas flame or on tava or in Microwave.
    • Smear some coconut oil on them and keep aside.(optional)
    • Grind the red chilies ,tamarind along with coconut and salt coarsely without adding water.
    • Remove this to a serving bowl or plate and keep aside.
    • Just before serving crush the papads in the coconut mixture,add onions  and mix well with hands .

                       Serve as a side dish with meals .

      • Quantity of red chilies depend upon the spiciness in papads….so adjust accordingly.
      • This is a one time dish and cannot be stored or refrigerated as the papads turns soggy fast..so make only as much as required.
      • Green chilies can also be used in place of red chilies .

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