Karibeva Chutney

                                             This is a simple chutney made of Karibevu, which is my mother tongue Konkani is what we call the aromatic “curry leaves”, known as “Karubevana soppu” in Kannada, “Karivepille” in Tamil, and “Kari patta” in Hindi. This is an accompaniment with the main meal.


  1. Curry leaves, 25 sprigs
  2. Copra, (dried coconut) , 1 full
  3. Red chillies, 20, or as per taste
  4. Chana dal, (Bengal gram dal) 1 cup
  5. Hing, (Asafoetida), a large pinch
  6. Tamarind, 1 small ball
  7. Salt, to taste
  8. Oil, 2- 3 tsp


  • Clean and wash the curry leaves thoroughly and pat them dry. This is an important step.
  • Grate the copra and roast it along with the curry leaves till golden brown.
  • Roast the red chillies and asafoetida separately, with a little oil, and keep aside
  • Roast chana dal with a little oil and powder it in the mixer
  • Break the tamarind into small bits
  • Next, in a mixer, dry grind the roasted curry leaves, red chillies, copra, asafoetida, and tamarind. It is advisable to dry grind in small spurts, and not continuously, as the copra will leave excess oil.
  • Mix in salt and chana dal powder, and combine well
  • Allow to cool
  • Store in air tight container

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