Banana chips/Nendran chips or Kelya Kachri

                                           Banana Chips… These words take me back to freshly made banana chips from City Bakery , Harish Bakery, Ayodya or Taj Mahal of Mangalore.. If made in coconut oil they have a short shelf life and needs to be consumed fresh so as to avoid the rancid taste and smell of the coconut oil.  I was so addicted to it during school and college days that I had to have some every day.  My mother ensured she got a fresh stock always.  

                                  As I got interested in cooking I used to think about preparing this at home.  First to begin with I needed a good slicer.  Finally I got a mandolin slicer that slices the plantain in the desired thickness.  Very thin slices will burn them very quickly when put in hot oil.  Very thick ones will fry them leaving uncooked in the middle.  Hence the slices have to be just right.

                              The bananas that are used for this shouldn’t be very old and avoid refrigeration if possible.  I have not had desired results with the above two.  I have always got fresh bananas and made the chips right away or kept it outside and made them the next day.  

  1. 10 Nendran chips bananas
  2. Slicer
  3. Salt to taste
  4. Oil to deep fry


                               Take the bananas and to remove the peel draw a line with a sharp knife on the outside of the peel  and another one parallel to it.  Try to skin it off by hands.  Please don’t use peeler.   Look at the pic below.

                                                   Spread the chips on a flat surface or cloth , this ensures that any slime on the banana will dry off and they will not stick to each other in oil.

                        Deep fry in moderately hot oil in batches till the hissing sound stops completely.  Take care not to discolor the chipsTake it out on tissue paper and then sprinkle salt on top.   I prefer it this way.  Some people add salt water directly to oil but that can cause minor accidents if not careful.

                        Store the Chips in airtight container and they will stay fresh for upto 15 days.

                                                    Enjoy your crisp chips

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