Kulitha Doddak/Kulitha Idli

                     Horsegram or Kulith is one of the pulses which is used extensively in Konkani cuisine.We make variety of dishes with this ,the special being the Kulitha Kadi/Upkari.Kulitha doddak and idli is one more special recipe  which has been passed from generations.It was believed that kulith in batter form cannot be kept for long time as it starts smelling(may be because of grinding in the stone grinder manually called ‘ragdo’) and hence this recipe does not require fermentation.The fresh batter immediately after grinding was used to prepare doddaks(thick dosas) and the remaining batter was steamed  by pouring them in a large vessel covered with banana leaf.This is the method I follow even now though I have refrigerated the left over batter and prepared the dosas the next day.

  1. 1/2 cup urad dal(black gram dal)
  2. 1/2 cup horsegram(kulithu)
  3. 21/4 -21/2 cup dosa rice
  4. 1 tbsp cumin seeds (jeera)
  • Soak the urad dal and horsegram together and rice seperately over night.
  • Next morning wash the uraddal and horsegram and grind them in grinder for 30- 35 minutes till smooth and fluffy adding water at intervals.
  • Once they are done remove it to vessel and grind the rice to rava consistency  but not watery adding little water.
  • Alternatively the rice can be ground in mixer too.
  • Mix both the batters and add cumin seeds and salt and beat well with the ladle.
  • Batter is ready to make Doddaks or idlies.
  • The batter should be thick like the idli batter.

For Doddak:

  • Heat a tava and pour a ladle full of batter on the tava and spread it as thin you want or just enough to make thick dosas.
  • Drizzle oil and roast on both sides. 
  • Serve with chutney of your choice .
  • The below picture is of Doddaks which are neither too thick nor too thin served with ginger chutney.
kulitha doddaks
For Idlies:
  • After the batter is mixed well ,grease the idli moulds or idli stands and pour the batter in them and steam for 15 -20 minutes .
  • Serve with hinga chutney and hinga udda/mirsange udda(spicy green chilli and hing dip)
Hinga udda/Mirsange udda:
  1. Crush 2-3 green chillies with salt and hing(asafoetida)  and some water coarsely.
  2. strain and add water depending upon the quantity you want.

Hinga chutney:

  1. Roast 3-4 red chillies and small piece of hing(asafoetida) 
  2. Grind the red chillies and hing with coconut and tamarind to a smooth paste adding salt.
  3. Season with mustard and curry leaves preferably in coconut oil..
Kulitha idlies with hinga chutney and hinga udda
  1. After preparing the dosas,the leftover batter can be refrigerated and used next day too for making dosas or use the leftover batter for preparing idlies immediately.
  2. You can also use idli rava instead of soaking and grinding the rice ..in that case after grinding the urad dal and horsegram ,add same amount of idli rava as that of rice mentioned in the recipe and mix well and proceed .

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