Gonva kanacho godappo

            Broken wheat sweet paniyarams ( Gonva kanacho godappo)
                                       I learnt this recipe from my aunt. She is an expert in making them and as a kid I was always so fascinated towards her superb dishes .and this sweet appo where made during the Ganesh Chathurthi day as the prasadam.. Now I prepare them often as my kid is an ardent appo fan.

  • Broken wheat   -2 cups
  • Grated coconut  –  1 and half cups
  • Jaggery  – almost 1/2 kg or adjust according to your taste
  • Cardomom  – 5
  1. Soak the broken wheat for three hours.
  2. Later grind coconut ,jaggery and cardomom smoothly.
  3. Now drain the soaked broken wheat of water completely . .
  4. Mix it with the coconut and grind a bit coarsely
  5. Keep the batter covered for one more hour and then prepare the sweet appos in the south Indian paniyaram/appe  pan .
  6. You can either use refined oil or ghee while frying ,.

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