Kodiyalchi Chana Soyi Bajjili Ghashi

             Among all the dishes of GSB “Soyi Bajjili Ghashi” owns a unique place. This dish is  a favorite of all. There is a small difference in the recipe of Mangalore side and Cochin side. But frankly speaking both recipes are so heavenly tasty one. Here is the recipe of “Chano ani surna chi soyi bajjili ghashi” of Mangalore side.
  • Black Chickpea(soaked 8 hours)-  1½ cups
  • Yam (peeled, washed and chopped in to ½  inch size cubes) – 1 Cup
  • Onion – 2 big size
  • Grated coconut  – 2 cups
  • Red Chilly –  10-12 (Ramanad)
  • Tamarind –  one marble size.
  • Coriander seeds –  1½  tbsp.
  • Urad Dal –  1 tbsp.
  • Oil –  2 tbsp.
  • Salt to taste.

Chana Soyi Bajjili Ghashi

  1. Pressure cook chana and yam pieces.
  2. Roast grated coconut to golden brown.
  3. Roast red chilly, coriander seeds, urad dal separately.
  4. Grind roasted coconut, red chilly, tamarind, coriander seeds and urad dal to a fine paste.
  5. In a pan cook this  masala adding cooked chana and yam pieces.
  6. The consistency of the dish is medium thick, add water if required and cook.
  7. Add one chopped onion and salt to this.
  8. When this is done season with the finely chopped another onion which is to be roasted to golden brown.
             Chano ani surna chi soyi bajjili ghashi” is ready. Enjoy with hot rice.
Key Note.
  1.  According to the availability you can add few drum stick pieces and tender cashew nuts.
  2. You can substitute yam with bread fruit or potato.
  3. You can completely skip onion on auspicious days by seasoning with mustard seeds and curry leaves.

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