Mumbri/Keli panna cholkya vaili tandla bhakri

                              Mumbri or Keli panna cholkya vaili tandla bhakri is absolute amchi delight any time.  Best made with red rice powder.  If not available ordinary rice powder can be used.  When made on fire wood burner the burnt smell of the wood and the banana leaves are something to die for.  Served hot with a dollop of ghee and garlic chutney, this sumptuous breakfast has excited many.  Try it you will love this simple yet nutritious recipe.

  • 1 cup rice flour Red 
  • Salt to taste
  •  Water  as needed
  • 10-15 banana leaf squares smeared with oil 
  1. Method
    Mix all the ingredients except the banana leaves to make a smooth spreadable dough. As shown in the picture below.
  2.  Take one banana leaf and spread the dough with wet hands little thin and cover it with other leaf on the top. Keep it on a hot tava on a low flame.                                      
  3. After the top leaf turns black flip it to the other side.  Peel off the cooked side leaf.  You will see beautiful imprint of the leaf vein on the mumbri.  Its an indication that the side has been cooked.  Repeat it for the other side.  If one wants you can again flip and cook till crisp.           
  4. Serve hot with dollop of ghee and garlic chutney. Enjoy it  hot with a cup of filter coffee!!!!

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