Allein ( ginger in curd )

                      Feasts means a lot of yumm dishes which we love to  relish  ! sometimes overeating or because of the rich foods most often this leads to stomach upsets & indigestion .So as a forethought our ingenious elders had introduced a  medicine which looked & was tasty to eat and yet acted quickly to control stomach upsets . Allein is one such dish containing ginger & jeera & so  a powerhouse for action against gastric troubles .Being so tasty it is invariably consumed by all and so they  reap its benefits to the full .Its so easy to prepare with just a few ingredients .So try to have this  as many  days as possible!
Ingredients ;

  1. Ginger – a large piece – chopped finely 
  2. Green chilli – 1- 2 as per taste
  3. Grated coconut – half a  cup
  4. Thick curds – half a cup
  5. Salt to taste
  6. Mustard seeds , jeera  , oil & curry leaves for seasoning
Method :-
  • Grind the coconut , ginger & chilli to a smooth paste ..using very little water . ( some also like to saute this before grinding )
  • Add the curds & salt .Mix well .
  • Season with mustard , jeera & curry leaves .

Enjoy this  excellent  side dish with rice & curry of your choice .
Note :- 
    During Janmastami  this dish is made without the tempering in Mangalore  side and is called alle chutney !

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