Basann oondo

If we say Godsaniche . the first item that we will remember is the Bassann Oondo / besan onndo .this is especially prepared during our important festivals like Deepavali ,, Samsarpadavo(New year) & weddings . When the temple aarattu is nearing , this will be made & stocked to serve the many guests who will arrive . This oondo is so popular because of its melt in the mouth texture & great taste !
This is quite easy to make if you have the patience to stir fry the besan -ghee  mixture 


  • Besan  ( chickpea flour ) – 2  cups 
  •  Sugar – 1 & half cups 
  • Ghee – 1/2 cup & a little more 
  • Cardamom / elaichi powder – 1/2 tsp
  • Cashewnuts & kishmish / raisins  – a handful

Method ;

  1. Heat a little ghee in a thick- bottomed kadai or non-stick pan . Add the cashews first. When they are turning brown add the kishmish so that they fluff up . Remove & keep aside .
  2. Add the besan & on a slow flame roast it to a golden brown . the normal procedure is to add the besan & ghee together and roast till brown . but since we nowadays follow a less ghee intake . roasting first & then adding the ghee & roasting  method – you will need less ghee only .                      
  3. Roast  the besan without burning it till  the besan starts giving a nice roasted smell & has slightly changed colour . Add the ghee so that you get this crumbly texture .
  4. Keep stirring the mixture 
  5. Stirring with the spatula well. the mixture will turn more oily as you stir   .                                 
  6. Switch off when you get a golden colour and the aroma fill the whole house                               
  7. After about 5 minutes add the cashews & sugar  ( usually the sugar is powdered & added , but I like the bite of crunchiness in the oondo & so add it as such ), You can see that the mixture has become considerably oily than before 
  8. When it is still warm & and you are able to handle it , use your hands to mix well .                          
  9. Use your fingers to smoothen the mixture so that it does not have any lumps and the sugar is uniformly mixed
  10. Take a small portion of the mixture  and form a ball .
  11. Press to form a firm ball
  12.  Then roll the ball   in your hand  like shown in the pic so that it takes a perfect round shape & starts to look shiny too .
13 .Your oondo is ready ! Do the same with the rest of the mixture .
Now proudly share with your family & friends and get ready to receive their appreciations !
 When stored well this keeps well for more than two weeks . though in my house they get over long before that 🙂

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