Methi Palya Buthi

            This is a semi dry curry prepared with methi leaves,potatoes and some spices ground with coconut.It is a side dish with rice and of course amchi dalithoi.Methi leaves contains good amount of Iron & improves anemia in expectant women & growing children.They have full of vitamins and dietary fibre.They are little bitter in taste but when combined with potato and  masalas in it,you will just love to prepare often.Lets now learn how to make this curry.

  1. Methi Leaves: 1 bunch Big
  2. Potato: 1medium
  3. Onion: 1-2 medium
  4. Cooked toor dal: 1 tbsp
For the Masala:
  1. Coconut: 1/2 cup
  2. Red chillies roasted: 5-8
  3. Roasted Coriander Seeds:1-2tsp
  4. Tamarind: marble size
  5. Salt
For Seasoning:
  1. Mustard;1tsp
  2. Oil:2tsp
 Separate the methi leaves from the stem and wash it twice in 
 water to remove the dirt.

 Roast the coriander seeds in a tsp of oil and grind along with the ingredients for masala to a semi coarse paste adding little water.

Now take a kadai and prepare seasoning with oil and mustard.when the oil splutter add the roughly chopped onions and fry till transparent
when the onions are soft and the cleaned methi leaves and the chopped potato squares and sprinkle little salt.
Saute well and add the water used to wash the mixer after removing the masala from it.Close and cook till the leaves are cooked and potatoes are soft.Now add the previously cooked toor dal and the ground masala.
Mix well and cook for few more minutes till everything gets along and the water is evaporated and reaches a semi gravy consistency.
Now the curry is ready to be served.Do try this,enjoy with your family and stay healthy.

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