Palya Polo

                                              Palya / leaves polo is a very popular  dish of GSB;s of Kerala . This can be had for breakfast or a evening snack .you can use pickles , chutneys , coconut oil as dips or even as such , Since this is made with fresh leaves , its nutritional value is unquestionable . A  variety of leaves can be used for this – the most popular being drumsick ( masingha sange pallo )- , Chopped cabbage ,  chopped arvi leaves ( mande pann ) & a variety of  greens /bhajjis like – sambhar cheera , English cheera, koduvi , methi leaves etc.
 Ingredients for the basic batter /peet ;
  • Raw rice – 3 cups (soaked for at least 3-4 hrs )
  • Grated coconut  – 1/2 of a large coconut
  • Red chilies  – 6-7  as per taste  ( more if you like it spicy )
  • Tamarind – a large  gooseberry size
  • Turmeric powder – 1/4 tsp
  • Hing – 1 tsp as per taste
  • Salt to taste

Method :
Grind the rice , coconut, chillies & tamarind to a paste ..(need not be  fine )

Add turmeric powder , Salt & hing . Mix well .
The consistency of the batter should be like ordinary dosa batter only .
Now your batter is ready .to this you can add your favrourite greens /pallos & make dosas immediately
 Note ; 
No need of fermentation for this batter . you can grind & use straightaway . If you want to use later , then refrigerate & take out when needed .
To Make Cabbage polos;
Chop cabbage very finely or grate
Add the cabbage to the batter. check for salt.
Mix well .Heat a tawa .&.spread a little oil – preferably coconut oil . Pour a big ladel ful of the batter & spread it out .
Pour a little oil over the dosa & cover it .
Cook on medium fire . after 2-3 minutes , flip it over
According to your needs you can roast the dosas well  by keeping on slow fire for a longer time or have them soft . Make dosas in the same way with the rest of the batter
cabbage polo
By adding finely chopped  Arvi leaves ( mande pann )or even Taro leaves (tera Paan) you can have mande panna polos
mande panna polos
If you add drumstick leaves you can have massinghe sanghe pattiya polos
massingha sanghe patti polo

Enjoy these polos as such or with your favrouite chutneys ,Pickles , hummanns,  tomato sauce or plain coconut oil !
Note :- 
in place of tamarind , you may also use  karmbal / star fruit  or bimbul /birmi karmbal also.

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