Kuvale Sasam

                 Kuvale Sasam….is a tasty and healthy dish of amchi Kodial. It is a satvik dish served in many amchi temple feasts in and around Mangalore. But in Manjeshwar temple this dish has got a special significance. One of the deity is Subramanya, Kuvale curry is traditionally prepared daily in this temple since long, long time. This Kuvale Sasam is prepared almost every day.
               The dish prepared in the temple is so tasty that people say “ ammi gharkade kellari ethle chang jaina”. More over there is a belief among the G.S.B. that Margashira Shashti day this dish is a must one, and if any body cannot attend temple feast they prepare it in their house.
            This recipe I give here is a traditional one, of Manjeshwar temple.
Ingredients :-

  1. Kuvale (ash gourd) – ¾ Kg. 
  2. Grated Coconut -1 Cup 
  3. Roasted Red Chilly -1 
  4. Green Chillies – 3 small 
  5. Dry roasted raw rice -1 tsp. 
  6. jaggery – a goose berry size. 
  7. Mustard Seeds – 2 tsp. (1 tspfor masala + 1 tsp for seasoning) 
  8. Oil -1 tbsp. 
  9. Few curry leaves 
  10. Salt to taste.

    Method :-
    Peel and cut ash gourd into small pieces ( 1½”) removing seeds portion.
    Wash these pieces and pressure cook it.

    Grind a medium fine masala of coconut, red chilly, green chilly, mustard seeds, raw rice, jaggery and salt.

    Add this masala to the cooked ash gourd and add water if necessary to maintain a medium thick consistency, bring it to boil and cook it for few minutes in law flame.
    Season with mustard seeds and curry leaves.

    Kuvale Sasam is ready to serve with hot rice.
                Need not add tamarind. 

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