Kartya Balukk (peet lavunnu )

Most of us have children who abhor bittergourds …why even many adults too don’t want to have this nutritious vegetable because they think it will taste bitter …they only think so because we have so many dishes which will make them say- ” noo –  bitter gourds are not bitter “. 
Here is a recipe which my my son used to relish even when he was just two years old .so this is a dish with taste & health benefits , because  even if its fried its nutrients are not lost. 

  • Bitter gourd / karathe – choose  large ones , wash & slice them into thin roundels 
  • Wheat flour / atta – 1 tbsp for 1 large bitter gourd
  • rice flour – 1/2 tbsp for 1 
  • Salt to taste 
  •  red chilli powder – 1/2 tsp – optional 
  •  Oil for deep frying 


  1. Slice the karathe into thin roundels & add salt . Mix well & keep aside for half an hour .               
  2.  After  half an hour , the slices would have let off water . Retain the liquid as it is nutritious . Add the wheat & rice flours and the chilli powder. Mix well to evenly coat all the slices . do NOT add extra water!                            
  3. Now deep- fry these to a golden brown .these will be crisp & not at all bitter                          
  4. Enjoy as a side dish with rice or just as a snack!

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