Karathe (Bitter gourd) Puddi Saghle

                                                  Bitter gourds are our family favourite and we love any dishes done with bittergourds. “Puddi Saghle ” is basically a side dish which is also doe with capsicums,brinjals ,lady’s fingers….. but puddi saghle with bittergourds differs a bit in the procedure.
1. bittergourd                               – 2 chopped very finely
2. Onion                                       – 1 medium sized
3. Coconut grated                       – 1 n half cups
4. Corriander  seeds                  –  2 teasp
5. Red chillies                             –  10 to 15
6. Tamarind                                 – marble sized
7. Green chillies                          – 3 to 4

Method ;-

  • Apply salt to the chopped bitter gourds and keep for almost half an hour.
  • Later squeeze the bitter juice out of it  .and deep fry them in oil till they turn crisp  and brown in color and keep it aside.
  • Now in lil oil fry the coriander and red chillies together for a while.
  • Grind coconut along with the fried ingredients and tamarind adding sufficient water. (take care not to make  it too watery)
  • Take a kadayi and heat some oil …
  • Splutter some mustard and add the chopped onion and green chillies.
  • Saute till they turn transparent.
  • Now add the fried bitter gourd n saute for a while..
  • To this add the ground coconut ,mix well and keep on low flame.
  • Stir in between and cook till the water is absorbed nicely .

Your tasty Saghle is  ready to  be served.

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