Ponsa Varatti

                            In summer. you can see jackfruit trees loaded with their huge fruits . Even in those days of large families . it was not possible to consume all the fruits . So to avoid wasting the fruits , our elders wisely used to make Ponsa Varatti – a preserve of these fruits – to be used later when Jackfruits are not in season .Delicious pattolis & payasus used to be made even after 6 months after the season – all because of this preserve !
       This does need some patience & close attention while making . But the delicious results will last more than six months . So next time you have a large Jackfruit -dont be stumped as to what you will do with it . Just make this Varatti & later enjoy it for days to come !
         I make this plain . If you want you can add flavours by adding Shunti ( dry ginger ) powder & cardamom powder .

 Ingredients :-

  • Ripe Jackfruit bulbs – 1kg – (cleaned & seeds removed )
  • Jaggery – 200 gms or more as per taste  ( if your jackfruit is very sweet – this will suffice ) 
  • Ghee – 4 tbsp 
  • Patience – loads of it 🙂 

 Method –

  1. Chop the bulbs & grind them in a mixer to a paste . DONT add water !IMG_1694
  2. The Paste  is ready!IMG_1947
  3. Add the paste in a thick bottomed Uruvali / Kadai/ non-stick pan . Keep on medium fire & keep stirring .Saute for a while .When the paste starts sticking add a tbsp of ghee
  4. Continue stirring until the water content has reduced considerably . Add the powdered jaggery to this . Since I had good quality Jaggery I added it directly . If your jaggery is not so pure Make a thick syrup & strain to remove impurities and then add.IMG_1952
  5. Continue stirring until the jaggery has melted , the paste has turned to a dark brown and has thickened considerably IMG_1953
  6. Keep stirring & adding ghee little by little until the paste has become dry & comes together as a lump . 
  7. You can know this is ready when you see the ghee oozing out & the paste is all in one single lump . Let cool completely by itself & then transfer to an air-tight -sun-dried container . If stored properly this will last more than six months .

Notes :-

  1. Ponsa varatti should be completely dry to last long . If water content remains – it will spoil!
  2.  Colour of varatti depends on the colour of your jaggery .
  3. Darker colour of jaggery will give darker brown to almost black colours .
  4. Use good quality bulbs the firm variety – – Avoid the -Tilluvo variety (soft ) .  

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