Ponsa Pattoli – with banana leaf

                             Pattolis are a favorite of GSB’s .There are so many varieties & so many methods of making them . this method is followed in our family! I shall give details of other methods too .In Kerala banana leaf is used  for steaming  unlike in  areas around Mangalore where turmeric leaf is popular ..both give their own distinct flavours to the pattoli!
Ingredients :-
  1. Raw rice – 1 cup  ( to be soaked in water for 4 hours ) 
  2. Grated coconut – 1 cup 
  3. Ponsa varatti – 2 cups  ( for recipe see here  )
  4. Cardamoms – 2-3 powdered .
  5. Salt – a pinch 
  6. Banana leaves to steam in .

Method :-

Grind the rice, coconut  & ponsa varatti to a smooth thick paste  using very little or no water .the consistency should be thick  so as to be possible to steam it in the leaves 
Note :- You may also use fresh jack fruit bulbs  instead of Ponsa Varatti  . In that case use 2 cups of jackfruit & 1 cup of grated jaggery  ( adjust according to your taste ) 
  To the batter add the cardamom powder   ( You may skip this if you want the jack fruit flavour to be predominant ) & the pinch of salt. 

Clean the banana leaves   and place little amounts of the batter as shown in the pic below . 

              Fold the leaf  and do likewise with the rest of the batter . Arrange the folded  the leaves in a steamer / pedavan . 

    Steam for about  20 minutes . Carefully remove them from the steamer .


Serve them hot with dollops of ghee !169361287_5309811435760557_699306009856306008_n

Note :- You may also make stuffed pattolis  … grind only the rice to a smooth thick paste adding a pinch of salt  (optional) . Mix Ingredients – 2 , 3 & 4  well . Spread the rice batter with your hands tapping gently ( tappoche ) on the banana leaf in a small circle . Place the stuffing or puran in the centre . Fold the leaf & steam. You can also use finely powdered rice flour  too …Add hot water to the flour in a bowl , Mix well with a spoon and then make a thick batter adding some more  water if needed . You can also cure the banana leaves before using it – Curing means holding the leaf on a flame for a few seconds so that it becomes soft . 


Note:- For the Mangalorean version refer to Pattolis and Instant Pattolis

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