Phenori is a traditional sweet dish prepared in most of the GSB households. I learnt the phenori recipe from my mother-in -law who is an expert in preparing phenorees.. A simple sweet dish with just three ingredients ,yet a bit complicated process ,,,but the result is worth the effort.



  •  Maida –  500 gms
  • Sugar –  500gms
  •  Cardamom powder  –  1 &half tsp
  • Vanaspati / dalda    – for frying
  •  Ghee  –  100 gms
    Method :-
  1. Knead the maida to a stiff dough (don’t make it soft)
  2. Make tiny balls of lemon sized out of the dough          
  3. Roll each ball in to chapatis as thin as possible .
  4. Keep one chapati on a flat platform .
  5. Spread ghee with a spoon or using your fingers spread it evenly on the chapati.               
  6. Dust little maida over the chapati 
  7. Keep the second chapati over the previous one ,not exactly over it but a bit lower to the first one as shown in the pic , not exactly over it but leaving a little gap.         
  8. Repeat the process for seven chapatis… Take care to keep each chapathis as in a  staircase pattern like in the pic below.
  9. Now roll the chapatis a bit firmly starting from the bottom…
  10. Keep the roll ready . 
  11. Now cut the roll in 1/2 ” inch thickness like this !
  12. Now start rolling each pieces into thick puris with the layered side facing up. Take care to roll only the upper side ,do not flip the puris while rolling..                        
  13. Heat vanaspati / dalda in a kadhai and deep fry the puris on  medium flame..                          
  14. Fry each puris till brown and crisp on  medium flame. 
  15. Now make sugar syrup adding water  ( 2:1 ratio of sugar and water ) and heating to double thread consistency…. turn off and sprinkle cardamom powder to it . Now immerse each fried phenoris in the sugar syrup and remove immediately.
  16. Arrange  the sugar syrup coated phenoris in a large thali and let  them cool down .                        
  17. Now your Phenoris are ready to be relished 
  18.   Store in airtight containers !!
    Instead of dipping in sugar syrup can also dust it with sugar powder like my Co- blogger – Asha Radhakrishna Shenoy has done  in the pic below 

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  1. hii Vijayetha Pai !! its not advisable to use ghee for deep frying as it smokes a lot ..You may use any oil instead of vanaspati ..if you want to use ghee only ..then fry on low heat only!


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