Piyava Thambali

                 Try out this Piyava Thambali!

  • Coconut gratings, 1 cup,
  • Roasted Byadgi Red Chillies, 3-4
  • Tamarind, size of a seed
  • Onion, medium sized, finely chopped, 2
  • Ginger, 1/2 ” piece, grated
  • Salt, to taste
  • Coconut Oil, 1 tsp


  1. As the first step, finely chop the onions, and grate the ginger.
  2. Add a little salt, mix well and keep aside.
  3. Next grind the freshly grated coconut along with the roasted red chillies, tamarind and a little salt to a smooth paste using the required amount of water.
  4. Since salt has already been added to the onion-ginger mixture, take care not to add too much salt at this stage.
  5. Now add the finely chopped onions and grated ginger to the ground paste. Mix well
  6. If necessary, add a little water to get the right consistency for the thambali.
  7. Drizzle the coconut oil and mix well
  8. The thambali is ready to be served.

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