Kelya Koddel

              Koddel………Looking at the ingredients of the curry,you may think how is this curry different from konkani Gashi or Ambat.The main difference is in the tempering of the curry.For koddel the tempering is prepared with crushed garlic pods,seasoning of onions for ambat and for gashis it is with mustard.Kela means raw banana which is used for curry.In konkani we call it as bambale kela.You can prepare koddel with coloured cucumber, thingalavare (navy beans) or with kulith (horse gram too).

  1. Raw Banana: 1 nos
  2. Coconut:  1 cup grated
  3. Red chillies: 8-10 nos roasted with oil ( can increase the nos as per your taste)
  4. Tamarind: marble size
  5. Garlic Pods: 6-8
  6. Oil: 2 tbsp
  7. Salt to taste

Select a firm and fresh banana.Peel the skin of the banana and cut into roundels as shown in the pic below.Immediately put them into water to avoid colour change of the vegetable.

          Cook the banana roundels with enough water and salt.Grind the coconut gratings with roasted red chillies and tamarind to a fine paste.Check whether the banana is cooked (do not over cook as it might break into small pieces).Now add the ground masala to the cooked banana and boil well.Remove from flame.Peel the skin of garlic,crush them.In a seasoning pan heat and fry the crushed garlic pods in oil till brown.Season the koddel with it.

Kel(y)a Koddel is ready to serve with rice.

Note: You can also season with Theppal (Schezwan Pepper) in place of garlic,as follows: after taking out the masala from the mixer add 8-10 theppal pods with water and grind till the shell turns white.Now discard the shells of the teppal and use the water along with the masala and bring to boil.Add 2-3 tsp of raw coconut oil and no seasoning is required.

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