Batata Karthya Humman


                                          Two vegetables typically different in all aspects ,but still how easily they blend together to form a superb curry for rice — thats batata karathya humman…..

1. Potato                              – 1 large
2. Bitter gourd                     – 1 medium sized
3. Grated coconut               – 1 cup
4. Red chilies                     –  10 to 12
5. Tamarind                         –  marble sized
6. Hing                                 –   1 tsp
7. Coconut oil                     –   3 tsp

  • . Cut both potato and bitter-gourd in largish squares.
  • . Apply salt to the bitter-gourd and keep it aside for some 15 mins .later squeeze out the bitter juice.
  • . Now pressure cook both the veggies together for just  one whistle.
  •  Roast the red chilies in little oil ..
  • .Grind the grated coconut along with the red chilies and tamarind to a smooth paste.
  •  When the veggies are cooked add this coconut paste to them ….add sufficient water to adjust the consistency..
  • . Turn off when it boils  well..
  •  Now add the hing powder and pour the coconut oil on top..
  •  Its ready to enjoy with hot steaming rice.

1. If you have the bimbuls then you can avoid tamarind and add them while cooking the vegetables..

One reply to “Batata Karthya Humman

  1. Thanku Priya akka for wonderful recipe..Used to prepare batate humman but never added karathe along. Dis was tasting even better dan batate humman… :0<3


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