Sanjeera is a sweet puri prepared with a stuffing of Sheera (rava kesari).It is very popular in Mangalore (karnataka).Normally sweet toothed  people and kids love this as a snack for the evening.Here the Sheera a sweet prepared with rava and sugar is made little more sweetish as this goes as a stuffing inside the puri dough.Let us today learn about making of this dish.

Ingredients for the covering 

  1. Maida – 1 1/4 cups + little flour for dusting
  2. Food colour yellow- 1/4 tsp
  3. Salt a pinch
  4. Water to prepare the dough
  5. Oil/ghee for frying

Ingredients for the stuffing

  1. Rava – 1 cup
  2. sugar – 1 1/2 cups
  3. water – 2 cups (steaming hot) 
  4. food colour yellow 1/4 tsp
  5. Cardamom powder- 1tsp

Method :

  • In a bowl add the maida,food colour,a tsp ghee and a pinch of salt mix this very well.Now add enough water and knead them into a stiff dough.Let it rest for 3-4 hrs.Close it with a lid or with a wet cloth.
  • For the stuffing: Take rava in a pan and ghee and fry it till u get a nice aroma.Now add Bubbling Hot water and the food colour and mix very well.Once the water is evaporated and the rava is cooked add sugar and cardamom powder.Mix very well.Allow them to cool.
  • Now knead the prepared dough once and divide them into small equal balls,similarly make small balls with the Sheera prepared with rava.Now roll the dough balls into small puris stuff a ball of sheera in middle of the puris.Seal the stuffing inside the puri and roll them again into small puris.Use flour for dusting while rolling the puris.similarly continue doing with the rest of the stuffing.
  • Heat oil in a frying pan when it is hot deep fry each puris one at a time on both sides till light golden in colour.Serve them with tea/coffee for a evening snack.
  •  Note: 
  • Recently from a member of kkaj, Mangala Bhat, I came to know that instead of stuffing sheera,The puris can be stuffed with instant mix with grated coconut,sugar,cardamom powder,pinch turmeric powder and sooji rava.Mix everything well and stuff.and then proceed with the recipe given above.

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