Kulitha Koddel

                    Kulith is known as Horse gram and is one of the lesser known beans.The whole seeds are generally utilized as cattle feed.However it is consumed as a whole seed,as sprouts or as whole meal.It is a excellent source of Iron and is believed to prevent the formation of kidney stones.


  1. Horse gram/kulith – 1/2 cup
  2. Vegetables – Duddhi dentu 10-15 nos cut into 1″ inch long, (stalk of pumkin leaves)  & Coloured cucumber pieces
  3. Coconut gratings – 1 cup
  4. Roasted red chillies -8-10 nos
  5. Tamarind marble size
  6. Oil 2 tbsp
  7. Garlic 10-12 flakes
  8. Salt to taste.


  • Clean horse gram by removing the dust and sticks.
  • Soak them in water overnight .
  • Pressure cook for 2-3 whistle.Or cook directly without soaking till soft.
  • Add the vegetable and the stalk of pumpkin and colored cucumber along with this and cook till they are done .
  • Grind coconut gratings along with roasted chillies and tamarind to a fine paste.
  • Add this to the cooked kulith,add salt and boil well.Remove from flame.
  • Crush cloves of garlic and fry them with a little oil till brown.
  • Season koddel with it. Koddel is ready to serve with rice.


  •  Instead of garlic on satvik days it can be seasoned with Theppal ( schezwan pepper) as follows.
  • Soak theppal in lukewarm water and grind in mixer till the shell turns white.Now remove the shell and add this water to the curry while boiling.Add 2-3 tsp of raw coconut oil.No seasoning is required in this case.
  • You can use veggies like drumstick (Masingasangh), tender jack (Kadgi),raw banana (bambale kelle),plantain pith (gabbo),Coloured cucumber (magge),Suran (elephantfoot Yam),Bamboo shoots (keerlu),or pumpkin leaf stalk ( duddhi dentu).use any one of the veggie and not all the veggies mentioned above together.
  • Can prepare with the combination of drumstick n cucumber,
  • Koddel is prepared in the same method with cow peas,cluster bean seeds,field beans,thur etc.You can also prepared koddel without bean and just with veggies only.

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