Ukde tandla Shevai

                             Shevai is a traditional food in many Amchi households.  Shevai is made all over south India with different names.  In Kannada its called Shavige or Shamige In Malayalam  &  In Tamil its idyappam,.  In Tulu ( A local dialect of South Karnataka region spanning from Udupi to Mangalore ) its called Noo Kadde.  There is an interesting story behind it.  In olden times whenever guest overstayed and you wanted them to leave the host of the house used to prepare Shevai or Noo Kadde which was an indication for the guest to leave 😉 .  So next time Shevai is served to  you  – get the hint 😉
I will now post an elaborate recipe of Shevai which is made by boiled rice.  I like this version as there is no coconut and the shevai is very soft.  If we use normal rice ie white rice – coconut has to be added.  The recipe of normal rice is 2:1 (use sona masoori rice 2 cups and 1 cup of grated coconut) The procedure will be the same.
Ingredients :-

  • 2 cups boiled red rice
  • Water to grind
  • Salt to taste


  1. Soak the red rice in water for 6-7 hours
  2.  Grind the rice to a smooth paste adding water.  If you are using the normal shevai method –  add coconut too. Since this is boiled rice coconut is not required.
  3.  Collect the smooth paste in  nonstick pan also add a glass of water which is used for washing the grinder..  Mix well and keep on low flame over gas.              
  4. Keep stirring till it becomes a lump and doesn’t stick to your hands.                           
  5. The final product should look like this
  6.  When the dough is cool enough to handle, dip hand in cold water and make pellets like shown below.  Keep it in a steamer with water below.  Switch on the gas at this stage.
  7.  Let the pellets cook till a knife or toothpick inserted comes clean.  IT takes approximate 15 minutes.  But this stage the pellets has to be cooked well.  Another indication is the color will change.
  8. Now grease shevai maker with coconut oil.  You can use any oil .  If using handheldone –   Cover the outer layer with cloth so that it doesn’t blister your palm/hand.  I used a shevai maker with stand.  When the pellets are hot with a spoon add one to the shevai maker and press immediately.  Move the plate below to form a elongated shevai bhatti.  Here you will require another person as one will insert the hot pellets the other can press.  Also after you remove the steamed pellets from the steamer.  Keep the remaining in the steamer closed at all times.  If you find the pellets have gone cold.  Steam it again for 5-7 mins till warm and press again.  Please NOTE – cold pellets cannot be pressed and shevai will not be made.                           
  9.    The final shevai will look like this.
  10.  Line one by one on a clean cloth separately without piling one on top of other.                        
  11.  Finally enjoy shevai  with coconut oil and nonche.  You can also make Godu narla rossu –  Sweetened coconut milk. ( Press one coconut to extract thick coconut milk add jaggery and cardamom to your taste) serve with shevai.

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