Kuvale Ambat


Here is a Coconut  and curd based gravy dish  very popular with  Kerala GSBs ! You can use Colcassia  ( avla Mande ) , Yam , Suran  also to this ..Here I have used only Ash gourd / Kuvale  . each combination gives a unique taste to the dish ! You can make good use of sour curds to make a lip smacking curry!

Ingredients : –

    • Kuvale chopped into square pieces – 1/2 cup .
    • Grated coconut – 1 cup
    • Red chilies – 5-6 as per taste ( Green chilies can be used instead of Red ones )
    • Sour buttermilk or curds – 1 cup
    • Mustard seeds ,jeera oil & curry leaves for seasoning!
    • Salt to taste
    • If using avla mande & yam / Kaachil  , suran /surnu- 1/2 cup each – chopped

Method :-

  1.   Pressure cook or in a vessel the chopped kuvale with salt  till soft but not mushy .               
  2. Fry the chilies in a little oil taking care not to burn them .Grind to a fine paste – grated coconut , turmeric powder ( I add  because  my family doesn’t like to  avoid this ), & the  red chilies . Add it to the cooked Kuvale .         
  3. Bring this to a boil , then reduce flame & let simmer for just two more minutes . If using buttermilk add it & again bring to a boil . switch off once you see the bubbles . If using curds . whisk it well .
  4. Now add the whisked curds only after the gravy has cooled down a bit .  Check for salt.        
  5. Heat the oil , Splutter mustard seeds , then add the jeera & curry leaves . Pour this over  the curry & keep covered for a few minutes !Enjoy this with rice and pappads !
    Here is a pic of Kaachila Ambat ( Yam )  by my friend Chitra Suresh. She has used the same method – expect used green chillies instead of red !

When you use green chillies   with Kuvale & mande ..you dont add haldi powder . this gives a yummm ambat and is known as Amboos ambat

3 replies to “Kuvale Ambat

  1. My amma makes all Kerala curries learnt from my father's side as she is from udupi and my father Kerala(pollur) always liked these yummy curries from both sides making this right now thank u.


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