Shevayi with boiled rice, rawrice & Coconut

                      Shevayi is an all time favourite of all GSB’s .  and that is the only reason that however laborious and tedious procedure it may be .We never forget to prepare it once in a while. Shevayi has got so many versions depending on the ingredients . Shevayi can be had with so many side dishes like in the pic below . Here I am drafting a recipe which I learnt from my grandmother .  Shevayi with a combination of boiled rice, raw rice and coconut…So here goes the recipe ..                                                         

Ingredients :-

  • Raw rice   – 1 & half cups
  • Boiled rice  – 1 & half cups..
  •  Grated coconut –  1 large coconut ( approx.2 and half cups)

Method :-

  1.  Soak both the rice together for 7 to 8 hours 
  2. Keep ready the grated coconut 
  3. Grind all to a smooth nice batter adding water..
  4. Now add required amount of salt to the batter and mix well..
  5. Take a thick bottomed pan and pour the batter into this ..
  6.  Cook stirring continuously ..
  7. Stir until the batter leaves the sides of the pan and forms a mass . 
  8.   Now make balls from this dough.
  9. They will look like this              
  10.  Steam these balls in a steamer for almost 40 to 45 mins.
  11.        You can check it with a tooth pick if  they are perfectly cooked.
  12.  Now as soon as its done…remove it from the heat and start making the shevayis
  13.  Put each ball in the shevayi mould and squueze it to get superb flavourful shevyies…
  14. Enjoy with any side dishes. Traditionally  this had with coconut oil , mango pickle. or sweetened coconut milk. You can also enjoy with sambar, chana curry or even kerala style stew . 

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