Ambuli Nonche/ Tender mango Pickle

    Summer is just round the corner & with it come mangoes !! Raw or ripe mangoes are loved by one & all so many dishes to be made & relished .You can find many recipes here for raw & ripe mango dishes ! now the  recipe for the ultimate droollicious Ambulli Nonche   or tender mango pickle ! 


First and foremost try to get very fresh tender  mangoes with the stalk ( if possible )like the ones in the pic below !

Clean them thoroughly with running water & pat dry !
Ingredients :- 
  • Fresh tender mangoes / ambullis – 1 kg 
  • Red Chillies  ( preferably Kashmiri red chillies )- 100 gms 
  • Salt (preferably rock salt ) – 100gms – (adjust according to the sourness of the mangoes )
  • Asafoetida / hing –  2 tsp 
  • Mustard – 50 gms 
  • Boiled & cooled water – as needed  ( nearly 2 cups )

Method :-

  1. Sun-dry the chillies & mustard . Sun-dry the glass bottles or bharanis (baked clay pots ).  also sun-dry a   large bowl & spoon for  mixing  and also your mixer jar   .
  2.   Place the tender mangoes in  a bottle. add the salt & a cup of the water . keep it tightly closed for 3 days .  giving it a thorough shake once in  a while ! .
  3. After 3 days you can note that the mangoes have become paler & have shed water .  
  4. Collect only  the water in  the bowl .
  5. Now put the chillies & mustard in your mixer jar & powder it well . add little by little of the water to the chilli mix so as to get a very smooth paste  Some use chilli powder .but I don’t recommend that as we don’t get that thickness with powder. you get the right thickness & texture only when its ground paste !
  6.  Now pour the paste into the bowl . add the mangoes .Mix well .
  7. Now add the hing & check for salt . Add  salt only if needed .
  8. Also add more of the water for desired consistency . Now transfer the pickle into the  jar. 87463929_3512408585500860_5000023054227603456_n

Cover the mouth of the jar with a clean cloth dipped in til/ sesame oil  , screw on the lids tightly . the oil helps in preserving  the pickle for a long time ! You can use the pickle after about a week . If you are a little worried about its shelf life .you can refrigerate  it !

 As & when required  remove small amounts into a  serving bowl with a DRY spoon !  Replace the oil cloth again  ! Enjoy this with dosas , idlis ,rice and all ! 

  1. Always use sun-dried vessels & ingredients for making the pickle .
  2. Always use boiled & cooled water 
  3.  Handle with dry spoons only .

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