Ambadi Nonche

         Hog Plums   are known for their health benefits  as they are rich in anti-oxidants , Vitamin – C , iron and also protect against heart diseases . Its sour sweet taste makes it an excellent ingredient for pickle . Make this pickle  when Hog plums or ambados in konkani  are available !!

           This is a very simple and drooling pickle which can be prepared using tender ambadis. This method is  followed by many in amchi Kodial.

Ingredients :-
  • Tharni ambadis –  60
  • Red chillies (Ramnad)  –  5 pav.
  • Mustard seeds –  ½ pav.
  • Methi seeds  – 5 tsp
  • Anta Hingu –  2 chick pea size.
  • Salt –  3 hand full (Mushti)
  • Water  – 1 litre.
  • Oil –  2 tsp
Method ;-
  1. Clean the ambadi by whiping with a clean cloth. If the ambadi is  small in size, we need not cut it. If it is bigger in size cut it in smaller size ( ½ or ¼ ). 
  2. Boil the water adding salt. Filter it if you find any precipitates. Now divide the warm water in to two parts and add ambadis in one part . Keep other part to use while grinding.
  3. Dry fry Mustard seeds, Methi seeds keep aside.
  4. Roast red chillies, hing separately using little oil. Keep aside.
  5. Heat  a kadai for few seconds for mixing purpose.
  6. Allow salt water and above items to cool.
  7. Now we have to grind  the red chillies, mustard seeds, methi seeds and hing using the salt water kept for grinding to a very fine paste. If at all you want any more water for grinding you can use water only from the other half.
  8. Mix well  the fine paste , ambadi pieces, along with all of the remaining salt water in the kadai kept for mixing. 
  9. Now transfer  this pickle into sun dried bottles.  Taste it. It should be  salty and hot. Now just wait for 3 days for the pickle to mature .  Your droolicious pickle will be ready to use.
1. After 3 days when you taste if you wish to add, you can add,   salt or dry fried chilli powder as per your taste. (Normally this  measurement should be OK .)
2. You can refrigerate this to use for longer period. (I used to keep this for more than six months by refrigerating.)

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