Kelya Sali Upkari

                       Kelya Sali Upkari / Banana Peel Stirfry is very simple yet tasty.This recipe finds its harmony with the sweetness of banana and jaggery in it.
Yes,here we are using only the skin of the nendrabale bale/nendran banana or kerala banana which is used for chips and not the banana itself. It is a very good “Best out of Waste” side dish which goes well with Main course or with Gruel .
          Once you taste this stir fry you will never ever throw the peel.Next time you buy bananas for chips just retain the peel and try this out. This recipe is from the Konkan Coast GSBs ( around Mangalore )


  1. Nendran Banana Peel : – 6-8 nos
  2. Dry Red chillies – 3  or 4
  3. Jaggery –  small marble size piece
  4. Mustard  –  1 tsp
  5. Coconut gratings – 2 tsp (optional)
  6. Salt to taste 
  7. Oil  –  1-2 tsp for seasoning

Preparation Procedure:-

  • Draw a line with a sharp knife on the outside of the skin and another one parallel to it to remove the skin.
  • Continue with the same procedure to remove the entire skin from the banana.Slightly twisting  the whole banana  loosens the skin so that it can be removed easily .
  • Now remove the green skin,it comes out very thin.when you remove it we will get another layer of skin which is light in colour.Now this is what we are going to use for the stir fry.
  • Similarly remove the skin of all the peels and chop them into 1/2 ” inch rectangle as in the picture above and keep aside.


  • In a kadai heat oil and splutter mustard and add red chillies broken into two.
  • Now add the chopped peels to this seasoning,Jaggery piece,salt and enough water to cook.
  • Close lid and cook till the peels are soft.Remove lid in between and give a stir.
  • Cook till water evaporates and is done.
  • Garnish with Coconut gratings (optional).

 Note :- 
      You  can peel and chop this skin  at leisure and can be kept in fridge and can be prepared within two days.But before preparing just wash them thoroughly in water.
If peeling and preparing the same day.As soon as it is peeled put them in water to avoid discoloring.

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