Poddalya Patthal sukke

          Snake gourd / Poddale may not be a type of vegetable that is well-known around the world, but certain cultures have been utilizing this perhaps since thousands of years. Snake Gourd contains a rich variety of nutrients,  vitamins, and minerals that are essential for human health, including significant levels of dietary fibre, a small number of calories, and high levels of protein. In terms of vitamins it possess vitamin A, B, C, as well as manganese, magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, and iodine.
           We the G.S.B never ever allow any vegetable to let go without giving it, the due respect by the way of using it for our day to day preparations of yummy dishes.
     This name “Poddalya Patthal sukke” varies from place to place, is also called as Poddalya Olle sukke ,  Poddalya Ghassi etc. This is a lip smacking dish of amchi Kochi.
  1. Poddale ……..1 average size (500 gms)
  2. Jack fruit seeds……….10 to 12
  3. Toor dal………….¼ Cup
  4. Dharambya sol (Gambooge) ……1 small piece
  5. Salt  to taste.
For Masala:-
  1. Coconut gratings……..1 Cup
  2. Red chillies……………5 Nos.
  3. Haldi powder…… ¼ tsp.
  4. Rice flour ………….. ½  tsp
For seasoning:-
  1. Mustard seeds ……….1 tsp
  2. Urad dal………1 tsp
  3. Methi seeds….  ½ tsp
  4. Curry leaves………few.
  5. Coconut oil….. 1 tbsp
Method :-
  • Wash and peel the very thin white skin of the Poddale and chop it into small pieces removing the seeds.You can use the seeds to make  yet another dish 
  • Remove the outer white skin and  peel the red skin of the Jack fruit seeds. Wash and  chop in to small pieces.
  • Wash toor dal, pressure cook it with Poddale and Jack fruit seed pieces.
  • Grind a fine masala of all the ingredients under masala head mentioned above.
  • Add this masala to the cooked vegetables along with salt and dharambya sol.
  • Add water if necessary to maintain medium thick consistency.
  • Bring It to boil
  • Season with all the ingredients under seasoning  head mentioned above.
            “Poddalya Patthal sukke” is ready to serve with hot rice as a main dish.
  • Amchi Kodiyal never remove the red skin of the jackfruit seeds.  It does not  matter much they can chop as they used to do.
  • Instead of dharambya sol, tamarind can be used. 

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