Kelya Halwo (deep fried version)

                  Kerala banana or Nenderbale as it is called in konkani is used for making halwas .There are already two versions in this blog on how to make the authentic halwas ! This is also one used by my ammamma and a tasty quick  one .I am dedicating this post to my Mother and her mother from whom she learnt this version !
So lets see how to make this quick one which small kids & adults would love to indulge in !B681E2C2-E49B-45B4-A316-F2AF0F94FC79
Ingredients :-
  • Kerala Banana / nenderbale Kele – 3 – 4 ripe & firm 
  • Sugar – 1 tbsp 
  •  Oil for deep frying ( preferably coconut oil )

Method :

  1. Peel the bananas  and chop then into roundels .If the bananas are thick – you may halve and the slice them thick. 
  2. See that the bananas are ripe & firm . as  over ripe ones will drink a lot of oil.                                   
  3. Now deep fry them in batches on medium fire to a golden brown colour .
  4. Sprinkle the sugar or sugar powder over this . Your yum snack is ready!
Small kids will especially love this to have as a snack and will benefit from all the goodness that this banana has !

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