Phanna Pathrado(pan version)

                      Pathrado ..the name itself makes my mouth water and I believe its same with most of them from the GSB community.There may be hardly few people who don’t like this . Pathrado is a traditional Konkani delicacy made from Colocasia/Taro leaves. A paste / batter made up of soaked rice and coconut is spread on the leaves and rolled to form a log which is then cut into roundels and steamed. Every household has its own variation when it comes to preparing the batter but the procedure is same.  Today am sharing the seasoned version of Pathrado –  (Phanna means seasoning) .You can use your own recipe of batter and then proceed with the recipe .
My maternal aunt (mother’s elder sister) used to do this and we used to just love it. Its our family favorite now and I always reserve some roundels mostly the end ones which is not so preferred at home but in great demand when prepared it in this way. Do try and am sure you too will love this . Ingredients:-

  • Pathrado roundels as required (unsteamed ones)
  • 3-4 tbsp of coconut oil (adjust as required)
  • Tbsp of mustard seeds
  1. Heat oil in a pan and add mustard seeds
  2. When they splutter place the pathrado roundels on them and sprinkle some water                        
  3.  Close with a lid so that the roundels get cook in its own steam
  4. After 8-10 minutes remove the lid and flip the pathrado roundels and continue to cook without lid.
  5. Take care to see that they are crisp and nicely roasted and at the same time cooked evenly
  6. If the roundels are bigger and if using the ends sprinkle some more water after flipping .
  7. The delicious and crisp on outside and soft inside phanna pathrados are ready to be enjoyed with meals or even with paej(rice gruel).
  1. Adjust the ingredients depending upon your quantity or roundels used.
  2. For the detailed procedure of applying the paste and making rolls refer pathravodo post from the archives.
  3. My version of paste/batter is as follows…grind 1 cup coconut with 10-12 roasted red chillies ,small piece of hing and lemon size tamarind coarsely then add around 1/2 to 3/4 cup of soaked rice and grind again to a paste (previous stage of fine).
  4. If the roundels are too big then sprinkle water at intervals and make sure it is cooked throughly or else it will start to itch. You can also sprinkle tamarind water if you still doubt about the itching .

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