Phanna Pathrado –version 2

                Pathrado plays an integral part in traditional Konkani cuisine. It is one of the favourite side dish in a amchi platter. The exotic flavor of this dish makes each and everyone crave for it.
There are 2-3 types of making pathrado though the masala is the same. One is the steaming version, second is the seasoned version and third is the fried version.
         Each one in different parts of Kerala and Karnataka regions has different recipe to make these yummy pathrado. The spice of chillies and aroma of asafoetida (hing) hanker us to eat it .It makes a great combination with rice, Daat Dali thoi and with  raw coconut oil drizzled on it. Few of them add a pinch of jaggery too to the masala.
The seasoned version which I am sharing today is cooked directly into a cooker pan. It can also be prepared in a kadai too. By making this way the spiced masala is incorporated very well with the seasoning and gives an awesome taste. My Amma makes tasty phanna pathrado in pressure cooker, & from her I learnt to cook this way. I love both the steamed and seasoned version too
My friends have shared their version in this blog, please check the posts of Pathravodo kerala GSB and Mooga pathrado of Mangalorean version by Jayashri Shenoy mai,Phanna pathrado tava version by Sandhya Puranik. You can refer my Chitte panna phodi to check how to assemble the leaves n apply the masala on the leaves to make lollo. My version is as follows…


  • Pathrade lollo – 1 or 2 ( Refer Pathrodo post for masala recipe & method of rolling )
  • Methi seeds  – 1 -2 tsp
  • Mustard Seeds   – 1-2 tsp
  • Oil – 1 tbsp
  • Water as per requirement


  1. Grind required masala for the pathrade and make a firm lollo.
  2. Cut them into pieces and keep them ready,like done in the picture.
  3. In a pressure pan or a kadai heat oil and add the mustard and methi seeds. Few like to add urad dhal – so that can be also added in this stage) . But I don’t prefer it . You can add hing also in seasoning. As I have added hing generously  while grinding the masala I skipped it in my seasoning . Allow them to splutter and turn brown. Take care to not allow it to burn.  
  4. Now arrange the lollos/cut pieces of pathrado
  5. Add enough water till the water level reaches the top portion of the arranged pieces.      
  6. Close lid of the cooker and pressure cook for 3- 4 whistles in medium flame.
  7. Open only once the cooker has  cooled down.
  8. Check whether it is cooked by inserting a knife which should come out clean.

Pathrado is ready to serve.

  1. It is not necessary that it should be made in cooker/pressure pan only. this can be done in a kadai following the same method and cover with a lid while cooking. Occasionally check for water.
  2. If you pour more water need not worry the masala will be little gravy type. That also tastes very good. In that case need to check for little salt.
  3. If you have excess masala leftover can add a table spoon of masala along with the water which  also tastes so good.
  4. Can use the water used for washing the mixiejar/grinder after grinding the masala for cooking the phanna pathrado.
  5. If you have some left over pathrado can roast it on tava the next day before use.
  6. If you feel like eating crispy pathrado  you can make thin slices of the steamed pathrado ,roll it in rice flour and deep fry them.
  7. Can make sannapolos adding onions and any veggie like cabbage, tender seeds of snake gourd, brined jack fruit, brined bamboo shoots, methi leaves, taikilo etc.

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