Mooga Pathrado

                                    This is another lip smacking Pathrado found prepared in and around amchi Kodiyal. This pathrado usually finds a place in the feast of Vinayaka Chathurthi. This is a satwik healthy dish which can be used on upavas day also.  
  1. Tender Alva Pan  15 (colocasia leaves)
  2. Moogu (green gram) 1 cup ( 3 hours soaked )
  3. Grated coconut  1½ cup
  4. Red Chilli 13.
  5. Small lemon size tamarind or carambola (star fruit) 5 medium (chopped to small pieces).
  6. Hing 1 chickpea size/1/2 tsp if using hing powder
  7. Salt to taste.

                                                                 Mooga Pathrado

Method :-

Wash, clean alva pan, remove all the veins using a knife. Keep aside.

Grind moogu, grated coconut, red chilly, carambola / tamarind with hing and salt to a medium thick consistency and medium fine paste using little water. 
  • Apply this masala on the back side of each alva pan, arrange it over one after another. ( refer to my Pathravodo link).
  • After 6 leaves or more fold the two sides inner wards apply little masala on it and roll it length wise.
  • Steam cook lollos /  rolls in a pedavan  in low medium flame for an hour or till it is done.
                 Mooga Pathrado is ready to serve with hot rice or as a snack with coconut oil.

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