Urad and Bombay Rava Idli (version 2 fermenting method)

             Idli is a traditional breakfast of Indian household.It is not only easy to make but also extremely healthy,easy to digest and filling for the stomach.
Today I am sharing a Urad and sooji rava combination idli recipe which we use to make during fasting days.On fasting days we eat rice only one time of the day that is for lunch after the pooja is performed.
                      We hold fasting every month on SankastHara Chathurthi and various other pooja’s followed by us.During these days satvik food like without onion and garlic is prepared.We do not prepare rice items for breakfast and for dinner.In that case our preparations are with wheat or sooji rava.So we make these idlis and relish it with sambar or chutney.
              My friend Priya had shared her version of the same idli without fermenting,instant method here.


  1. Full Urad dal – 1 cup
  2. Sooji rava/bambay rava – 2 cup
  3. Salt to taste
  4. Oil to grease the mould


Wash and soak urad dal for atleast 4-5 hrs 

Grind it in a grinder for 20-25 minutes until they are fluffy and soft.Add little water in between grinding.I have used 1-1/4th cup of water. I pour it in 4 intervals while grinding.

Now remove the batter in a big vessel as it is kept for fermentation there is a chance of urad overflowing from the vessel.
I have used the same glass to measure sooji rava,urad and water too.So now take another 1-1/2 glass of water pour it in the grinder to wash it. If any urad is left in it comes out clean.Now collect this water and add it with the ground urad and blend well.
Now Take 2 glass rava and dry roast it till a nice aroma comes out of it
Out of this roasted rava measure 1 glass of rava and mix very well with the ground urad batter.
Rest of the 1 glass rava just spread on this rava urad mixed batter and keep for fermenting overnight.
Add salt to taste.Next day morning mix the fermented batter very well.So that the rava spread on the urad batter should mix well without any lumps.
Place a steamer with enough water.Besides grease the idli plate with oil and spread a ladle full of batter.
When the water in the steamer is hot and steam comes out,place this idli stand and steam cook for about 15- 20 mnts in medium flame.
After 20 minutes remove the stand and spread on the kitchen platform or table.let them cool.When slight warm,remove idlis one by one with the help of a spoon.
Collect in a hot box and serve whenever neccessary with accompaniment like sambar or chutney.
Fluffy sooji/bombay rava idli is ready to relish.

1.Rava is either steamed or roasted before adding to the ground urad batter.
2.If readymade roasted rava is available then skip roasting procedure.
3.Mix rava only when it is completely cool after roasting.
4.There is another method instead of roasting,rava is put in a clean cloth then tie a knot around it. Keep this in a steamer of a cooker without whistle for about 10 mnts.Later remove it and cool it completely before mixing with the urad.
5.During summer season there are chances of batter going sour.So refrigerate the batter after fermenting.Take out  1/2 hr before preparing the idli.
6.The quality of the urad and consistency of grounding the batter differs from person to person.so adjust water and rava according to it.
                  Hope the step by step procedure completely explains the texture of the ground urad,after ferment and the final come out.Wish everyone try out this recipe during your fastings and stay healthy.

19 replies to “Urad and Bombay Rava Idli (version 2 fermenting method)

  1. Hi ,I had been searching for this method ever since I had these idlis in Gokarna few years back. One of my friends directed me to your page. I tried this exactly following your instructions but my batter turned out very slimy and overpowering urad batter smell. Have I ground urad too much or for a little too long becoz I felt that 2 measure of rava was not enough. Please guide me for next batch.


  2. Hi Aparna Dattsometimes the quality of the urad would have led to slimy texture.As you have mentioned that urad was ovepowering just try using 3/4 urad instead of 1 cup urad and add 2 cups rava as mentioned in the recipe.


  3. Thanks for the recipe. Almost 60 years back, when I was recovering from a debilitating illness, or family doctor (who was Konkani speaking)sent me rava idli from his homeand I remember it was with rava and urad dal but no one believed me as recipe for rava idli with curds is available generally. Now I know the recipe.


  4. It's a no onion no tamarind sambar.cook 1 cup toor dal.chop vegetables like Madras cucumber,potato and carrot (can add any other vegetable) with salt and keep aside.Heat a thick bottom pan with oil add 1/4 tsp methi and 1 tsp mustard let it splutter,add 1 red chilli,Curry leaves,hing,2 medium sized roughly chopped tomatoes,little salt,1/4 tsp chilli powder,turmerictpowder,sambar powder as per taste(I used Eastern Brahmin sambar powder)1/4 cup water,boil well until the paste become little thick.now add the cooked toor dal and the vegetables,enough water to dilute,check for salt and boil very well.switch and garnish with coriander leaves (optional)


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