Gud Gud Alambe Ambat

                              Gud Gud Alambe or thunder mushrooms as they are called are wild mushrooms which grow in hilly areas of coastal Mangalore !Hence a very amchi kodial dish not at all known to the GSBs of Kerala where even onions & garlic are taboo in the authentic amchi dishes !
         These mushrooms appear on their own at the first signs of monsoon along with thunder & lightning – hence the name ! They are a little different from the regular ones – in the sense that they do not have a stalk but are totally round in shape .

Since these  are seasonal and grow only during monsoons – there is a great demand for it  . Also they have to be used within a day  or they will turn black and poisonous. albeit being expensive – they are snapped up whenever they appear in the markets as the seasonal dishes could be done now only .

Since we get this fully covered with mud – put it in water & leave for some 10-15 minutes . Now wash well until they come out clean .
Now comes the most tedious part – peeling the alambe – It has a thin skin which must be peeled . you can use a pointed end like the back of a spoon or a pin to remove the skin . This has to be done very carefully so as not to break the alambe .Since this is time consuming the whole  family comes to help in anticipation of the yummy dishes which can be made with this . Once cleaned – they show up as cute white mushrooms

Now for the recipe –
Ingredients :-

  • Peeled Mushrooms (Gud gud alambe) – 2 cups
  • Mangalore Cucumber / Magge ( chopped)   – 3 cups
  • Chopped Onions – 1 & 1/2 Cups  ( half for cooking & half for seasoning )
  • Turmeric powder – 1/4tsp

For  the masala :-

  • Fresh grated coconut –1& 1 /2 Cups
  • Red chillies –  6-7 or as per taste( preferably Bydagi chillies )
  • Bimbul /tree sorrel  – 4  OR Tamarind – 1 gooseberry size

Method :-

  1. Cook the chopped magge , chopped onions & peeled alambe in a pan adding a little water , salt & the turmeric powder . see that it does not overcook & become mushy .
  2. Roast the chillies in a little oil.grind the coconut , chillies , tamarind / bimbul to a fine paste.
  3. Add this to the cooked veggies and bring to a boil . check for salt.
4. Heat oil in a seasoning pan and fry the onions to a light brown and pour over the dish .
Enjoy this hot with rice or chapatis !
This recipe & pics are courtesy my friend – Shamala Bhat ! Thank you so much Shamala !

3 replies to “Gud Gud Alambe Ambat

  1. Dear konkani khann ani jevan, i ve been fan of the recipes since years and have tried most, you have been my first preference in choosing best konkani recipes, i love all sweet recipes posted here…
    A humble request, there is an authentic konkani mangalorean recipe called “tuppa sheeth with masalas” which masala list even i dont know. I request you to please upload it if possible.

    Its Excellent combination with this magge galnu alambe ambat..

    Kudos for the efforts to give us authentic recipes, i m your gret fan in your youtube channel too…


    1. Thank you so much Vinutha for your so encouraging words for the blog & the you tube channel ,,will surely try to post ASAP ..thanks for the suggestion


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