Karmbal Lehya

                Karmbal   means Starfruit in english also known as carambola.  Its so called because when cut horizontally – it looks like a a star It has a sweet and sour flavour.It is a good source of  VitaminB complex and vitamin C. Because it has powerful natural antioxidants and flavonoids it helps  develop immunity   against  infections and helps allay inflammations . It helps controlling blood pressure improves iron absorption , aids digestion & helps in maintaining a radiant skin .  However people with kidney problems can best avoid this as it aggravates forming of kidney stones .
                              Avaleha or Lehya  is prepared from this fruit – Lehya is a semisolid preparation  of drugs with jaggery or sugar candy  (has a jam like texture ).The Lehya should neither be hard nor a thick fluid .The Lehya should be kept in glass or porcelain jars. Normally, Lehyas should be used within one year.
           During season the huge tree bears lots of yellow fruit.We prepare lehya and store it.It is used to treat cough in children and adults..A teaspoon of lehya is applied on the tongue of the children and allowed to consume. this can be given twice a day.Ingredients:-

  • Star fruit 
  • Sugar Candy – (I have used palm candy)
  • Dry ginger powder
  • Pepper powder


1. Chop the Star fruit 
2. Put the pieces in a mixer and grind to a fine paste. Strain it through a strainer and collect its juice.
3.  Now add Sugar Candy according to the sweetness you require
4. Boil this well in a medium flame till the sugar candy dissolves 

 5. Lots of bubbles will appear In this stage add powdered dry ginger powder and pepper powder 

6. Mix well and cook till the mixture turns into a jaggery syrup consistency. 7.The colour changes to dark brown.                                                              8. Now switch off the gas. when it cools down it will become thick with a  jam like consistency.
When cool store in airtight  glass or porcelain bottle.

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