There is nothing like home cooked food ! especially when one is sick or home after a long time out of town – there is nothing as soothing as a simple home cooked no -fuss meal with minimal dishes !!And when its Rasam – with minimal effort a delicious meal is ready in minutes !! Just  rice or pejj with a pappad with this  would  make the taste buds come alive with the aroma !!Anyone on the first steps of the world of cooking can master this confidently!!
              This is my amma’s recipe which used to draw us to the dining table with its aroma even when we were not in a mood to eat or feeling sick with loss of appetite ! Besides invigorating we derive all the benefits of the spices added to have an easy on the tummy meal !
 Ingredients :-
for the Rasam powder
  • Tur dal – 1 tbsp
  • Jeera – 1 tsp
  • Black peppercorns – 1 tsp ( 10 -12)
Roast each separately  – the dal till golden brown , the jeera & pepper till it pops. When cool powder in a mixer to a not so fine powder !

Method for Rasam :-

  • Tomatoes – 3 medium
  • Tamarind – 1 gooseberry size ( paste- 1 tsp )
  • Garlic – 2 ( optional )
  • Cooked dal – 1/4 cup ( optional )
  • Rasam powder  – the above mentioned amount
  • Chilli powder – 1 tsp or more as per taste
  • Hing – a pinch  ( if you are not adding garlic )
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil , Mustard seeds & curry leaves for seasoning.
  • Coriander leaves – 1 small bunch
  1. Chop the tomatoes  and add 4 cups of water& salt  . put to boil till they have turned mushy ,
  2. Add the tamarind paste and the garlic (optional ) / hing  . let simmer  for another 3 minutes minute .
  3. Add the rasam powder , chilli powder  &  the dal  let simmer for some more time .
  4. Add more water if necessary  for a watery consistency
  5. Add chopped coriander leaves  and then switch off gas .
  6. Add the seasoning of mustard & curry leaves .
  7. Garnish with a little more coriander leaves & close lid for some time .
 Enjoy this with hot rice & side dishes of your choice ! . Just this with rice & papad is a great combo !

Sheeth with rasam , Karate balukk – ( http://konkanikhann.blogspot.com/2014/04/kartya-balukk-peet-lavunnu.html) , mitta galli ambuli , Surna sukke – ( http://konkanikhann.blogspot.in/2014/12/surna-sukkein.html ) & cabbage upkari
Note :-

  1. You may use left over dali thoy for this .
  2. This tastes best when it has a watery consistency !
  3. Can be had as an appetiser too !

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