Piyava ghashi

                    Ghashi is usually done with pulses and vegetable combo,the most commonly used veggie being surnu(elephant yam).It is always seasoned with mustard and curry leaves.This recipe is an exception as it uses only onions and hence the name Piyava Ghashi …piyav is onions in Konkani in south Canara.A very simple recipe where the onions are simmered in a coconut gravy but the taste is something you need to experience yourself.Good for those lazy days when you don’t feel to do much of elaborate cooking, yet want to have something tasty.
As the recipe is very easy with few ingredients ,I haven’t included step by step detailing.Do try this delicious ghashi .


  1. 2 cups coconut grated
  2. 5-6 red chillies roasted
  3. 3-4 onions chopped
  4. Marble sized tamarind
  5. Salt to taste
  6. Oil for seasoning(preferably coconut)
  • Cook the chopped onions reserving some for seasoning in a wide pan or vessel in which the curry has to be made.
  • Meanwhile grind the grated coconut,tamarind,red chillies to a fine paste adding water as required.
  • Once the onions are almost done add this paste to the same vessel along with salt and water as required.
  • Boil for few minutes and switch off.
  • Heat oil and fry the reserved onions till golden and pour over the curry and close the lid.


Serve the ghashi with piping hot rice .


  1. The paste should be very smooth and fine.
  2. You should feel the onion bites while having the curry,so don’t chop too fine.
  3. Consistency should be neither too thick nor too thin.
  4. Adjust chillies as per your tolerance of spice level.

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