Bikkand Tallelle

                              Here is a very traditional snack. which made best use of all the bikkands / jack fuit seeds that were found in plenty during season ! So dont throw away anymore but make these frys  which will be a hit with Kids & elders equally. So here is the recipe !
.Ingredients :-

  • Jack fruit seeds – Outer  white skin removed and the brown one as much as possible .( you may even retain the brown one ) and halved .
  • Chilli powder – as per  your spice level .
  • Turmeric powder – 1/2 tsp.
  • Salt as per taste .
  • Oil for deep frying .

Method :-

  1. Clean the seeds and halve or even quarter them .
  2. In a pressure cooker – add the seeds , Chilli & turmeric powders & the salt .
  3. Add water to just cover the seeds .
  4. Pressure cook till they are just done (for about 1  whistle ). See that they are not mushy. but like in the pic below .
  5. Heat to remove any excess water . you may also steam cook and then add the spices and marinate for some time .
6. Heat a kadai with oil . Drop the bikkands in it  when the oil is hot .
Deep fry on medium heat . 
 7. Be careful while frying as  the oil will turn bubbly . Stir once a while  and remove when the bikkand has turned brown ( the bubbles lessening is a sign that the bikkands are done ).
Remove and let  the oil  drain . Transfer to an air – tight container .
Enjoy as a snack or as a side dish with rice !
Note :- 
  1.    Use  fresh seeds as much as possible . Removing the white skin will be easy too then . You may soak for a while in water if the seeds are too dry .
  2.  You may store them upto  a year too and use when you feel like it !  Choose good seeds with their white skins intact . Keep them in the sun to dry for some time . Then pack them in Sealed packets in the freezer .
  3.  You may also use whole seeds without slicing them ,but crush slightly with a heavy stone or pestle and deep fry !

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