Dhuddhiya Vodo !

                Dhuddhiya Vodos  is a yum tea time snack .This recipe is by my  multi talented friend – Anuradha Mudalagiri Kamath‎  who is a great chef and knows soo many many amchi dishes . Never wasting a single part of any veggie but converting it into a yummm dish is her speciality ! Here is her quick & easy recipe for a nice time pass snack.

Ingredients :-

  • Dhuddhi / yellow pumpkin – 50 gms 
  • Jaggery  – a gooseberry size piece .
  • Salt to taste .
  • Rice flour – as much as needed to bind 
  • Oil for deep frying 

Method :-

  1. Cook the pumpkin in a steamer with the salt and jaggery.
  2. Mash well when a little cold .
  3. Now add the rice flour as much as needed to make a firm dough. Don’t add water at all !
  4. Roll into small balls & flatten like very small puris /vodos .
  5. Deep fry in hot oil to a golden brown .
Enjoy these as a snack with tea or coffee !
Note :- 
  1. Adding too much jaggery will yield blackened vodos ! .So be careful while adding it.
  2. Choose a well ripened yellow pumpkin piece.
  3. You can add these in Moong dal Payasu for an extra enriched flavour !

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