Kaali Thori Piyava Sukke

                                                   ” Kaali thori ” is  black pigeon peas- one of the favourite pulses of amchi cuisine. We prepare several varieties of curries from kaali thori and this sukke combined with onion is one version of sukke prepared by my grandmother. Normally for thori sukke we don’t add onion , instead surnu (yam ) is added along with thori . This one is prepared in Thalashery area of Kerala.

Ingredients :-

1. Kaali thori (pigeon peas)   -1 cup
2. Onion chopped finely   – 1 large or 2 meidum sized
3. Coconut grated  – 3/4 cup
4. Corriander seeds   – 2 tsp
5. Urad  – 1 and half tsp
6. Red chillies – 10 to 12
7. Tamarind   – a small piece
8. Mustard and oil for seasoning
Procedure :-

  • Soak the thori overnight and pressure cook till its done.
  • Retain the water.
  • Roast the corriander seeds , urad and red chillies in little oil till its reddish.
  • Grind it together with grated coconut and tamarind a bit coarsely.
  • Now heat oil in a wide pan and splutter mustard.
  • Saute finely chopped onion till transparent.
  • Add the cooked thori along with the water .Add salt and let it boil.
  •  Then  add the coconut mix.
  • Mix well and keep on low flame till it is boiled and the consistency turns to  thick .
  • Switch off flame .

Serve this  tasty side dish with rice .
Note :-
1. Over night soaking is optional since pigeon peas are one such pulses that can be cooked easily . But soaking speedens the process.
2. Instead of using all the water in the sukke , you can add normal water to the sukke and the thori syrup can be converted in to tasty thori saaru by giving a tadka of crushed garlic and red chillies.
3. In temple samaradhanas (feasts ) onion is not added to thori sukke. So you can apply the same recipe for normal thori sukke avoiding onions.
4. Elephant yams or surnu goes well with thori sukke without onion.

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