Jeera Kashayu

                        “ Kashayu ” is a remedial drink  which we prepare on the onset of some common illness.It helps a lot in preventing or at least lessening the effect of the illness. Today I am sharing a common drink which is had during the sudden stomach pain which occurs due to the gas in stomach .

Ingredients :-  

  1. Jeera   – 2 tbsps
  2. Water   – 1 glass
  3. Butter or ghee – 1 tsp
  4. A pinch of salt.

Method :-

  • Dry roast the jeera in a pan  till it pops .
  • Pour the water and let it boil well.
  • Boil till it reduces to half.
  • Now turn off and strain the kasayu
  • Add butter or ghee and the salt to it and serve.
  • This  gives you an instant relief from the pain

Notes :-
 You can also add one or two ayurvedic pills for gas like the vayugulika / vayumathre in the kashayu.

Instead of jeera , you can also use 1 spoon of Ovein / Omam/ Ajwain  to get instant relief .

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