Tulsi Kashayu

                              Whenever there is change of seasons – most of us  are  affected by it. Elderly people and small children immediately seem to get coughs and colds .Not to speak of us too getting affected and not able to do our duties ! Here is a time tested solution for all these minor issues  which when given at the first signs of cold and cough – immediately gives relief from them . We all know the benefits of tulsi which has been proved by scientific research to cure fevers & viral infections .So lets reap the benefits with this Kashayu which is easy to make and gives instant relief too .

Ingredients :-
  1. A handful of fresh tulsi leaves
  2. 5-6 peppercorns
  3. A small piece of jaggery
  4. a tiny pinch of salt

Method :- 

  • Wash the leaves thoroughly . in a vessel add all the ingredients .
  • Add about 1 glass of water  and let it all boil for some time .
  • When the water has reduced considerably & changed colour  add the pinch of salt .
  • Switch off . let cool just a little enough to be able to be consumed hot  .

Notes :-

    1. You may give this about 5-6  times  per day – about 1/2 a glass at a time .
    2. If symptoms persist and the person feels weak instead of invigorated – its best not to delay further but consult the doctor .
    3. For infants, its better to use only 2-3 peppercorns .
    4. You may avoid jaggery if you don’t want it .

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