Most of us suffer from common cold occasionally.This happens mostly during rainy season,sometimes after eating ice cream or drinking ice cold water. We are all aware of some sort of home remedies for common illness and most of the time it works too.
But a perfect remedy is  just lying in our kitchen shelves!
Here is a simple kashayu or herbal drink to overcome common cold.It is always better to take home remedies first and if cannot be controlled, can visit a physician.
This kashayu is prepared with the common spices and with herbs available at Ayurvedic medicinal stores.


  1. Pepper – 1 tsp 
  2. Dry ginger – 1-2 medium
  3. Athimaduram/ Godkast/ sweetwood/ mulethi – 1 or 2 sticks
  4. Pimpli/ thippili/ long pepper/pippali – 1
  5. Jaggery/palm jaggery/palm candy – as per taste
  6. Krishna tulasi (optional) 


Take all the above mentioned ingredients in a plate
Crush dry ginger and godkast with mortar pestle and then grind to powder together with pepper in a mixer jar.
In a pan add 1 ltr  water and add the ground powder and jaggery.
Bring to boil.Keep in sim flame for 4-5 minutes.
Switch off gas.After 5-10 minutes filter it.
 Serve hot.


  1. You can drink this kashay twice or thrice a day.
  2. You can add krishna tulsi leaves (black variety) too while boiling.
  3. No particular measurement of ingredients is needed  to prepare this kashayu.
  4. While boiling just check whether sweetness is enough.If not can just adding jaggery or palm candy.

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