Kelya Phodi

              Kelya Phodi is a deep fried fritter prepared with the  Nendra Banana variety.It is a very tasty and easy to prepare as a side dish or can be had as a evening snack.Phodis are very popular and common among GSB community.Unlike other phodi which has chilli powder or besan in it.This recipe differs a little.Lets check the recipe


  1. Nendra variety banana  – 2 nos (should not be overripe,select ripe and firm bananas)
  2. Rice powder  – for coating
  3. Salt  to taste
  4. Oil for deep frying


Peel the skin of the banana and halve them lengthwise.Chop them further into three pieces as shown in the pic

Apply a tsp of salt and mix well till the salt is mixed with all the chopped bananas

Coat rice powder on both sides of the chopped banana pieces
Heat oil at medium flame and deep fry the coated bananas.
When it changes  colour to brown – turn and fry on the other side too.Similarly continue with the rest of the pieces too.
Remove when both sides are done.Serve hot or at room temperature as a side dish for lunch or as a snack along with tea/coffee.

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