Mandya Balukk /Chips

                              Kids & Adults forever love to munch on snacks !! So why not offer them some tasty home made & easily done snacks rather than buy them from stores ! Here is one snack that can be made quickly & without much toil involved.In fact this Mandya Balukk is a very traditional snack of our GSB culture ! I always used to look forward or these in my vacations to Kerala as this Mande/ Colcassia/taro  was not available in Madras where I used to stay as a child.
                     Please note that this mande is not the small variety usually used to make upkaris ( avlamande/ Arbi  ) but the bigger & longer variety known variously  as Mande / Maddi & Kandichembu (in malayalam).

Ingredients :-

  • Fresh Taro / Colocasia / Mande
  • Salt mixed in a few drops of water
  • Oil to deep fry
Method :-
  1. Choose firm & fresh ones .Peel the skin & wash well .
  2. Slice them with a sharp knife or preferably for even thickness with a slicer . The slices should be a wee thicker than the usual potato slices 
  3.  Mix some salt in a little water & keep it beside the Deep frying pan
  4. Drop the slices one by one into the hot oil.
  5. Slowly stir the oil so that the slices don’t stick to one another
  6. Continue frying till the foam starts to reduce  and the chips start to get a crispy texture .
  7. Now carefully sprinkle  a few drops of the salt solution . Mix well so that the salt gets spread uniformly on to the frying chip
  8. When the foam / bubbles have reduced considerably and the chips have turned crisp , remove them onto a strainer  to drain the excess oil .
  9. Drop them onto a tissue paper to remove all excess oil completely
  10. Please remember not to use newspapers to drain the oil as it has been proved that the ink in the newspaper gets mixed with  hot fried food turning it carcinogenic .
  11. Transfer to an airtight container when cool .
    Note :-
    1. These chips will remain milky white when crisp! please don’ t fry them more to change colour .
    2.  You may add salt after you have fried & drained the chips  too. Remember to toss well to get the salt evenly coated .
    3. You may also add chilli powder or pepper powder as per your taste . though most prefer it just salted .

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