Rava Upma / Rulav

                                                 Rava Upma/Rulav a very famous breakfast !-there are only two opinions about it – Some hate it & some simply love it ! Well I am from the group who loves upma because my mother used to make the best upma and my family , friends & relatives would just happily eat up whenever my mother made it ! So  I dedicate this recipe to those who hate upma just so that they change your attitude to liking upma  ! And also for those who are beginners venturing into the kitchen – trying to make one easy , quick & fulfilling meal ! Follow the steps exactly to get a yum upma !
Ingredients  :-
  1. Rava ( also called as suji , semolina , bombay rava ) – 1 cup ( roasted )
  2. Green Chillies – 4  or more as per taste 
  3. Ginger – 1 inch piece
  4. Mustard seeds – 1tsp
  5. Urad dal – 1 tsp 
  6. Chana dal – 1 tsp 
  7. Curry leaves – a sprig
  8. Salt to taste
  9. Grated coconut – 1/2 cup
  10. Coconut oil – a minimum of 3 tbsps 
  11. Water – 2 & 1/2 cups
Method :-
If you have plain rava and not pre roasted – first roast it on a low flame till it slightly changes colour .Split the green chillies into half and chop the ginger as finely as possible ,  Keep the water to boil on one stove , on the other  – heat a kadai and add the oil ,when it gets hot add the mustard seeds .
After they splutter add the seasonings as shown in the pic below .
When the dals have roasted to golden brown , carefully add the water . Add the salt & let boil for about two minutes so that the dals soften .
 Now take the rava in a bowl and slowly add it to the boiling water , Keep stirring with the other hand  so that the rava does not form any lump
As you stir when there is very little water left , stop adding the rava .Never keep adding till all the water has gone  Cover & let cook for about 1- 2  minutes . 
Now add the grated coconut  and mix well .
Flatten and cover , let cook for another two minutes 
Serve this hot with a pappad , pickles , mixture  or even a curry of your choice, Kids love to eat this with sugar or jaggery . 
This make for a complete breakfast when paired with a banana !
My favourite combo is with sambhar though ! 
Notes :-
  1. Always use roasted rava ONLY  as the plain rava tends to turn mushy or as we say in amchi – pich pichi
  2. Use coconut oil only as this only gives the right flavour .alternatively you may add a little ghee when using vegetable oils . But do not reduce the amount of oil – this DOES need a lot of oil to be tasty!
  3. You may add one chopped onion  too , you may also add veggies like , thinly sliced carrots , green peas , chopped  capscicum – along with the seasonings .
  4. Wait   so that dals or veggies  are cooked in the boiling water  – before you add the rava .
  5. You may use a little more of water than mentioned – so that even if you add all the rava , there is a little more water left .
  6. Those who want to avoid grated coconut can do so .but I recommend adding it .  

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